Boost your production

Want more production with less effort? Leave the driving to us.

Self-Driving Practice® uses an AI engine to predict what you’ll make and can help you reach new production goals.


Self-Driving Practice®

Self-Driving Practice® is as easy to set up as it is to run. Once you install Sikka Platform Utility onto your computer – which takes all of 5 minutes – our AI engine will predict what you’ll make in the next month based on past trends. Then, it will suggest a significantly higher, but still realistic, production goal. Or you can set the production goal manually. Either way, our automated processes get you there.


Money Back Guarantee!

If you don’t get 500% ROI (5x what you spend) in 90 days, we will give your money back.

Make Your Production Goals a Reality

Whether you have a specific target you want to reach, or just looking to improve your monthly production, Self-Driving Practice® determines your practice’s maximum potential for each month, and takes the steps to ensure you get there.


Automatic Patient Outreach

With your Production goals in mind, Self-Driving Practice® automatically reaches out to specific patients to schedule appointments online through a variety of email and text based campaigns.


Make the Most of Your Time

Your patients are essential to you. While Self-Driving Practice® focuses on filling your appointments and reaching your revenue goals, you and your staff are freed up to focus on providing your patients with the best possible experience.


Monitor Your Performance

Tracking the health of your practice is made easy with reports and insights that highlight how your practice is performing in a variety of areas.


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