Visualize your performance with Optimizer Galaxy

Optimizer Galaxy* offers highly visual insights into the performance of your entire DSO and also each individual office.

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What is Optimizer Galaxy?

Optimizer Galaxy* offers highly visual insights into the performance of your entire DSO and also each individual office.

  • How are you doing in terms of net production, patient visits, procedures performed?
  • Which procedures are driving revenues?
  • How many hours are your operatories going unused?
  • Who are your long-time patients?
  • How frequently do your patients come for a visit?
  • Which of your providers are performing better than others?
  • How much better is one office or one provider than the other?
  • Are you meeting your goals? Benchmark your office with others in its region.
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Whether you want to perform due diligence in an office you want to acquire or you want to optimize day to day operations, Optimizer Galaxy is your tool.

*Optimizer Galaxy currently has an Exclusive Advance Release Available for Limited Time, Only to First Respondents.

Key Features

Group and Single Practice Analysis

Analyze how each individual office in a group is performing, and how the group as a whole is performing.

Quadrant charts and ranking charts enable spatial analysis - where distance and position conveys how much better one office or provider is performing from another. Flags show where an office wants to be (its goal) and where it currently is.


Benchmark your practices by average of others in the same zip, city, or state. Filter by net production, patient visits, patients seen and procedure categories.

Trend Analysis

View the trend over time, of how your providers are performing - net production, procedure performed, patients seen etc. Some providers work across offices - choose to analyze their performance over each individually, or consolidated across offices.

Find Your Patients

Which zip codes are your patients coming from? Associate with demographics in those zip codes - population by age group, average income, other dental offices by specialty - to figure out how to better market your office in each zip code.

Specialized Interfaces by Role

Differentiated interfaces focused on strategic analysis for business managers, vs. day to day operations for front office managers.


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Front Office View

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